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Cruising Tips

Who knows me know that cruising is my favorite way to see the world! With more than 30 cruises in 10 years, visiting a lot of ports like, Cozumel, Honduras, Costa Maya, Puerto Rico, Nassau, Mahogany Bay, Belize, Bimini, St. Maarten, St. Kitts, St. Thomas, Virgin Islands, Key West, Turks and Caicos, Cayman Island, Jamaica and more.. I always like to share my experiences and help other to enjoy their cruise. Below you will find my personal list of things that must NOT be forgotten!! Please feel free to email me if you have any questions about excursions, rooms selection or if you think I may have left some important tips off!!!

• After booking please make sure to review all the information and make sure that your name and birthdates match with the documentation that you will be using to cruise.

• If you do not get the WiFi package you will be able to do it while you are on the ship. My recommendation is to paid only for the dates that you are in the ship cruising. The dates ship is docked you will not need it due that you only can use the Wifi when you are close to the ship.

• If you don't have passport you will be able to sail with your ID and your Birth Certificate on the loop cruise (Cruises that sails from USA and debarkation is in USA). You will not be allowed to board the ship without either your birth certificate & valid photo ID. PLEASE DO NOT FORGET YOUR ID’S

• Complete ALL of your online check-in & PRINT BOARDING PASSES & LUGGAGE TAGS

• Make sure to get to the Port with enough time DO NOT BE LATE Boarding the Ship for Departure OR when getting back from the ports!! They will leave without you!!. If you are flying I recommend you either to fly the day before the departure or with enough hours of difference to avoid getting late due to a flight change or delay.

• Review cruise activities, they do have a lot of different parties in dependency of the cruise line (Glow Party, White Party, etc).

• If you are traveling with light luggage I recommend you to carry the luggage with you instead to check in your luggage. This will save you time and sometimes luggage can take longer to get to the cabins.

• Do you know that they are certain items that you can carry-on? Everyone in the cabin is allowed to carry-on a 12 pack of soft drinks(12 oz cans) ONLY CANS NOT PLASTIC. Everyone over 21 years old is allowed to carry-on a bottle of wine or champagne(750ML size) Make sure to carry these on NOT pack in checked luggage.

• Gratuities - I always prepay gratuities before cruise. Take cash money with you to tips your waitress and room service people. They always go above and beyond to make you feel at home. Remember the people that work at cruises spend months separated from their family to take care of you. Every single person on the cruise works SOOO hard to make your cruise special and they count on the tips!! Please be generous!!!

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